Bitch..?- Then be that bitch…

The other day I was talking to someone and they mentioned the word ‘bitch’. This insult slipped in to give my mind to think about. The word got stuck on my mind. Bitch- the only verbal insult people come up with for girl who are not their cup of tea , just because refuse to pour in. And if you think that affects any of them. *grins*. Honey, I have news for you. ,’Bitch’ is  only one of the things that makes up my personality.

Bitch is a girl who is fierce, brave, beautiful and smart in her own ways. Bitch, is that one person who stood against the system. Bitch, is that  one girl who refuses to care, just for the sake of the world.Bitch, is the one who said ‘no’ and meant it. A bitch, isnt afraid to admit she is wrong. She doesn’t cares if  she doesn’t fits in.  A bitch wears whatever she wants. She is a independent and successful girl who is proud of her success which was based on hard work and sheer determination. she dreams for herself and makes them possible. A bitch, isn’t afraid to tell you she loves you. She isn’t afraid to have her heart broken. She isn’t afraid to fail. A bitch cannot be always good, she maybe the kindest. A bitch maybe more comfortable with guys. A bitch doesn’t pretends to be something that she is not. ‘Bitch’ is the only insult you could come up with for a girl who left you.Bitch is the only word you have for a girl who is better than you. Bitch is the only thing you say to hide the fact that you are jealous of her.

So, the next time you look at me, remember that I am the ‘bitch’ that gave you the race.The next time, you look at my mistakes, remember that I practically date them. The next time you look at my eyes, remember that they have cried the most tears. Next time, you look at my lips, remember that they can speak the most harsh words. The next time you look at me, my face, my lips, my eyes, my past, my present, my attitude,my mistakes, my life, my hair, my clothes,my craziness, my very being, remember I don’t mind being a BITCH

Thank you guys for reading (if anyone actually has been reading). Also this  is  my first writing that I have posted. So, leave a comment below and tell me how it is and should I post my writings or not..



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