Problem interferes…

Hi guys! I am there again. So basically,  this is my second blog post and first real post about something. My summer holidays have started and honestly I much bored than happy. But this blog post is not about something like- things to do in summer or preety outfits for summer. Blah blah blah.

This blog is going to be about something else. I play soccer(football) which is why I don’t have plenty of time like other girls. My free time is mainly taken by extra practices and coachings. The reason I am writing this blog is to ask you for advice. There are times when I am not confident enough and I have thoughts that I should quit football. I have heard that this happens at puberty and half of girls quit sports. But, I don’t think that is the only reason. I mean, I don’t feel that the way I play is good. I basically think that I am not good at my sport. Also I have heard people say that a girl can’t be much good at sports, there are only few lucky ones. Not that, I believe them, but , there are other reasons too. Like for example , my studies are getting affected. Also I am good in swimming and athletics for which also I go for practises. So, my main questionbis ,  should I continue soccer?

 Thanks for reading(if anyone actually has been reading).

What about you? Have you ever been in such situations? Leave a comment below and please please please help me…

-WhiteSoul xoxo


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